Time Predictable Multi-Core Architecture for Embedded Systems

Contact: Prof. Martin SchoeberlProf. Jens Sparsø

Safety-critical systems are important parts of our daily life. Those systems are also called dependable systems, as our lives can depend on them. Examples are navigation controllers in an aeroplane, breaking controller in a car, or a train control system. Those safety-critical systems need to be certified and the maximum execution time needs to be bounded and known so that response times can be assured when critical actions are needed.

The T-CREST project is developing a time-predictable system that will simplify the safety argument with respect to maximum execution time while striving to double performance for 4 cores and to be 4 times faster for 16 cores than a standard processor of the same technology (e.g. FPGA). The ultimate goal of the T-CREST system will be to lower costs for safety-relevant applications, reducing system complexity and at the same time achieving faster time-predictable execution.

T-CRESTis a Specific Targeted Research Project (STREP) of the Seventh Framework Programme for research and technological development (FP7) – the European Union’s chief instrument for funding research over the period 2007 to 2013.

Embedded systems are taking over control in always more demanding environments, including safety and security critical systems. The robustness and safety of systems are, therefore, an ever-growing competitiveness factor. The aptitude to produce robustly predictable systems at a competitive price will be key to keeping European companies at the cutting edge of the embedded system market. A large number of European companies will benefit via the project coordinator, The Open Group having close links to more than 400 member companies involved in technology evolution. Direct impact on the market position of 3 European companies participating in the project is expected, namely the tools company AbsInt as well as GMV and INTECS offering safety critical solutions for Aeronautics and Transport. T-CREST will also help European industry to build reliable systems, not only in the areas of air and ground transportation but also in many other areas where robustness, availability, and safety are important requirements to the embedded systems.


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