Time-predictable Control Systems

Contact: Martin Schoeberl
The proposed project targets computer based control systems such as robot control systems, factory automation systems, and fly-by-wire systems in airplanes. One common aspect of such systems is that at least some fraction of the functionality must be time-predictable in order to guarantee real-time requirements. The aim of the proposed project is to combine the expertise of the Drone Research Laboratory at AAU in guidance and navigation of drones and in obstacle detection and avoidance systems with DTU Compute’s expertise on time-predictable multi- core processors and programming of multi-core processors.


  • Aalborg University
  • Sky-Watch A/S

DTU’s team

Relevant topics 

  • Industrial IoT
  • Autonomous control
  • Control of drones (Cumulus One)
  • Real-time models of communication
  • Control algorithm on multi-cores