The requirements to IoT Communications infrastructures are diverse and depending on the application. The focus is on :

  • reliability
  • power consumption
  • coverage
  • safety
  • latency and/or price

A number of evolving communications technologies are targeting IoT, e.g. LoRa (Long Range),  Sigfox, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Zigbee  and extensions to existing mobile networks GSM,  LTE-M and LTE-N (NB-IoT).  Today GSM is widespread due to the low power consumption compared to 3G/4G, but LTE-m,n will offer better link budget and lower power consumption compared to standard LTE. Currently, there is a lot of research in  next-generation (5G) mobile network and how to deal with a huge number of devices connected to the IoT in the future.


Topic chair: Assoc.Prof. Michael S. Berger