IoT Center—Internet of Things Center, is a research center at DTU. The center is organized in a number of Topics, which are driven by the center members. Read about our research by visiting the topic pages and project pages.

Internet of Things

Cyber-Physical Systems or “smart” systems are co-engineered interacting networks of physical and computational components. Over 50 billion such smart systems are connected to each other and to the internet, forming a vast Internet of Things.

More than half of these systems are safety and security critical and have real-time or high-performance requirements. Such systems are present in many application areas, from automotive and aerospace, to industrial automation, manufacturing, energy systems and smart cities. They are the key to solving many of our societal challenges. McKinsey & Company estimate a $1.9 Trillion economic impact of near autonomous cars by 2025. GE estimates $15 Trillion increase in global GDP with Industrial IoT over the next 20 years.

Research is needed

In such industries, non-functional properties such as safety, reliability security, predictability, high-performance have to be guaranteed. The current IoT products and solutions cannot provide these guarantees.

Mission: Performing research on IoT technologies and facilitating  collaboration among researchers and practitioners in Denmark.

Vision: Dependable and secure IoT enables efficient solutions to societal challenges.